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We need to diagnose reason of anorexia.

Addfeed PTA Bolus


Antibiotic Treatment

   gut infection

   low microflora




   Undigested Feed

   Unutilized Feed

Disturbed rumen pH

   Sara/ Acidosis

   Ruminal Stasis

   Atonic Rumen

Non active hunger hurmones

Poor Ruminal Function

   Poor Digestive System

    Poor Immunity

    Loss of energy

    Loss of glucose



Each uncoated bolus contains : :

   Prebiotics and phytobiotics, Laxative and Purgative, PH balancer, Hunger Hormone, Yeast, Glucose, Appetite Enhancer Enzymes, Cocktail Enzyme, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Strychnos nux-vomica, Sodium Bicarbonate, Liver Extract, Amino acid, Chelated trace minerals & Coated Vitamins.



Dosage & Administration

One Bolus Twice daily as per day and colour schedule.

Prevention & treatment of anorexia