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Tekon LA Inj


  • Ticks, Lice, Mites, Grubs
  • Gastro Intestinal worms
  • Lung worms
  • Eyeworms
  • Skin & Muscle worms
  • Kills adult and larvae of ectoparasites



 Ivermectin 3.15%(LA)



  Less deworming per year with full contrl through out the year.

  It is ideal for extensive livedtock system.

  It is the best alternative to control internal and external parasites.

  Reduce stress deworming.

  Improved feed conversion of animals.

  Slow and prolonged release prevents parasites for more than 70 days.

  Can apply animals of any age and condition (Stallions, Bulls and Cows in gestation).


Dosage & Administration

Tekon LA : 1ml. per 50 kg. of body weight by S/C