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Pan-Off Inj

Faster Drug Penetration Injection

Now with more power & more effective consistent player of treatment


  • Fast relief from pain, fever & inflammation
  • Reduces inflammation & Oedema
  • Subscutaneous fibrosis associated with cobalt irradiation
  • Acute trauma, Postoperative incisional pain
  • Inflammatory conditions such as laminitis, rheumatoid
  • & traumatic arthritis, Muscular Soreness, Stiffness
  • Bacterial Infections



 Each ml. contains:

   Nimesulide BP                                         100mg.

   Paracetamol IP                                           150mg.

   Dimethyl Sulfoxide                                   250mg.



  FDA Approved the use of DMSO as an effective solvent or a cosolvent in 1978.

  DMSO will effectively carry local anesthetics into the deeper layers of the skin.

  Paracetamol-A powerful Analgesic & Antipyetic

  Nimesulide-An effective Anti-pyretic & Antipyretic

  Sarratiopeptidase-Proteolytic Enzyme

  Magnesium Trisilicate-Maintains gastric equilibrium


Dosage & Administration

Injection : 1-2ml. per 50kg. Body Weight