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Gas-Off- Inj

Proton - Pump Inhibitor.



Rabeprazole Sodium I.P 200 mg.
        Proton-Pump Inhibitor



  Immediate Symptom Relief

  Reaches the Site of Absorption Faster

  Minimize the Risk of Less & Over Dosing

  No Risk of Recurrent Tympany

  Ensure Faster & Easy Stoppage of Bloat, Tympany


Staggering & Recumbency:

  Once a animal with Bloat is recumbent, Death occurs rapidly.

"Rabeprazole Achieves Optimal Acid Suppression, Since First Administration and Maintains this Advantage."


Dosage & Administration

1-2ml. for 30-40 kg. Body Weight by IM / IV Route.

The content of the Vial need to be reconstituted with 10ml. Sterile water for Injection, Which should be given slowly by IM / IV Route.