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when digestion is a challenge.

Chatni Boost

(Effective flavour enhancer feed utilizer)

A basket of testy powerful ayurvedic herbs.


  • Guaranteed colostrum right after birth
  • Promote gut health
  • Protect against calf scours
  • Faster transition to grain diets
  • Enhanced appetite
  • Weight & growth promoter
  • Strong body & bone formation
  • Stress condition
  • Provide additional immune factors




Maximum utilization of feed.

Maximum productivity of feed.

Improve flavour / taste of feed.

Improve Power of feed digestion.



Each 100gm contain

Sodiai Cloridam(sindhav).....4.3%

Zingiber Officinalis (sunth) .....3.85%

Ferula Narthex(Hing) .....3.30%

Piper Nigrum(kala mirch).....3.8%

Zanthoxylum Alatum(Tumaru) .....4.6%

Kerat Coptikam(Ajmo).....3.0%

Piper Longum(Lindi Piper).....3.8%

Cuminum Cyminum(Jiru).....2.86%

Unakay Sodial Cloredam(Sanchal).....4.3%

Nausadar .....5%

Coriandrum Sativum(Dhaniya).....2.4%

Sugar .....50%


Preservatives .....q.s


Dosage & Administration


1st 20 days : 25ml. daily


50ml. daily

Repeat administration for an additional 20 day if the newborn does not display energetic activity.