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An Immunostimulant agent : an anthelmintic

Livamivet Inj.


  • 1.Immunomodulator : (Improve Immune system in any bacterial viral and parasitis infections).
  • 2. Co-prescription with any anthelmintic.
  • 3. Ascariasis: (Roundworm infection in intestine).


  Livamisole also produces immuno-stimulant iffect by increaseing cell-mediated immunity.

  Livamivet provides greater resistance to diseases like LSD, FMD & degnalla by increasing cell-mediated and antibody titer.

  Livamivet is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic used for the treatment and the routing control of nematode infection.


Mechasism of action

  Livamisole is an antiparasitic of the imidazothiazole class.

  Livamisole causes spastic paralysis of worms by stimulating their ganglia.



Levamisole HCL. I.P.- 75mg.,

Benezyl Alcohol I.P.-1.5%w/v.


Administration and dosage:

for S.C. use only

Large Animal : 3-5mg/kg B.W.

10-20ml for 300kg Animal

Dogs : 5mg/kg B Wt.