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A Unique Combination of Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Injection

Clitox Inj

Worm Killer-Production Winner



 Each ml contains :

  Levamisole HCL IP : 5% w/v

  Levamisole HCL IP : 5% w/v



  Benefits of Parenteral Therapy Injectable :

  Ready to use for administration.

  Reaches blood immediately & start faster action.

  No wastage of medicine in administration.

  Kills parasites completely.

  Efficacy is independent of weather & animal behavior.


Oral Therapy Disadvantage :

  Take Time To Reach Blood & Action On Parasites.

  Wastage During Administration.

  Difficult To Give Oral Or Drench.

  Errors Can Be Associated With Oral Administration.

  Efficacy Depends Upon Animal Going In Water Humidity, Sunlight Etc.


Dosage & Administration

IM/SC Injection Only
Dose : 1ml. for 10–20 kg. body weight Maximum Dose