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Bactum Forte Inj

Now with more power & more effective consistent player of treatment


  • Mastitis
  • Pneumonia
  • HS
  • Joint ill
  • Skin Deseases
  • FMD
  • BQ
  • Metritis
  • Naval ill
  • Phelonephritis



  Amoxycillin Sodium 2000mg. & Sulbactam Sodium 1000mg.

  Amoxycillin Sodium 3000mg. & Sulbactam Sodium 1500mg.



  B-Lactamase Destroyer Bacterial terminator antibiotic Injection

  Extended Spectrum of Activity

  Effective at low MIC

  Rapid and Complete relief from the disease


Dosage & Administration

Dosage : 7-10mg./kg. body weight by IM/IV

Repeat Dose (after 24 Hrs.) In acute conditions repeat after 12 Hrs.

Direction for use : add 10ml. distilled water in 3gm. Bactum forte vial

Intra mammary : Add 5ml. of distilled water in 500mg. and infuse in infected teat.

Small animal : add 5ml. of distilled water & inject by I.M. or I.V. reoute.