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Kotacin inj

It Most Reliable Aminoglycoside For Serious Aerobic Gram-tive Bacterial Infections.


    Cattle, Horse & Camel : Acute Mastitis, Metritis & Systemic infections Enteritis, Endometritis, Repeat breeding, Respiratory tract & umblical infections caused by E-coli & salmonella calf scours & urinary tract infection. Retraired Foetal Membranes.

The treatment of uterine Infection : 2gms (8 ml) of kotacin Mix with 200ml 0.9% sodium Chloride sterile solution or distilled water infused aseptically into the uterus for 3 consecutive days, has been found to be the most efficacious.

kotacin Extended extended coverage against gram(-)ve Bacteria....



  Each ml Contains:

   Amikacin Sulphate IP 250mg.


Salient Features :

 Control infections without immunosuppressant effect.

 Broad spectrum antibacterial having decisive bactericidal effect.

 It is resistant to bacterial enzymes that inactivate other aminoglycosides.

  Achieves predictable results in the treatment of uterine infections & repeat breeding.

 Ensures excellent result in respiratory & urogenital tract infections.

 Effective for the treatment of Serious gram (–)tive infections particularly those due to gentamicin-resistant organisms.


Dosage & Administration

Cattle, Sheep & Goat: 5-12 mg/kg Body weight by Intramuscular route for 3-5 days.

Pin & Dog : 4.4 - 6.6mg/kg of body weight by IM/IV.

Poultry : 20 mg per kg. Body Weight by S/c Injection.