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Vetcel-Plus Inj

Powerful combination
                With superior formulation.


  • Liver disorders associaed with fatty degeneration of liver.
  • Blood Protozoa diseases.
  • Ruminal Atony.
  • During stress conditions.
  • Indigestion.
  • Infertility.
  • Low Milk Yield.



   Each ml contains

   Vitamin A BP : 4000IU

   Vitamin D3 BP : 300IU

   Vitamin C BP : 10mg

   Vitamin E BP : 10mg

   Vitamin K3 BP : 0.5mg

   Vitamin H USP : 0.15mg

   Choline chloride : 50mg

   Folic Acid BP : 0.1mg

   Niacinamide BP 20mg

   Vitamin B6 BP : 10mg

   Vitamin B1 BP : 10mg

   Vitamin B2 BP : 2mg

   D-penthenol USP : 10mg

   Taurin : 10mg

   Sodium Phosphate : 5mg

        Liver extract 0.66ml eq. to vitamin

   Liver extract 0.66ml eq. to vitamin B12 activity : 2mcg. per ml.


Dosage & Administration

Cattle & horse : 5-10ml daily

Pugs,Calves, Sheep and Goat : 1-2ml daily

Gogs : 1 ml daily