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Fight the deficiencies with the blend of technology and excellent performance

Chelated Nutrifeed DS Powder


  • Infertility
  • Repeat breeding
  • Anoestrous
  • Improving Fat% of milk
  • Improving Immune status of animal
  • During stress
  • Improving Health & production
  • Aids in prevention & treatment of mastitis


Powerful combination of :

  Chelated Minerals & Vitamins.

  Live Yeast Culture

  By Pass Fat

  Tri Sodium citrate

  Bioactive Chromium


  Energy & Micro-Nutrients



    Vitamin A 7,50,000 I.U.

   Vitamin D3 75,000 I.U.

   Vitamin E 350mg

   Nicotinamide 1000mg

   Cobalt 250mg

   Copper 1200mg

   Iodine 350mg

   Iron 1500mg

   Magnesium 6000mg

   By pass fat 50gm

    Energy 2000Kcal

    Potassium 100mg

    Selenium 10mg

    Sodium 50.9mg

    Sulphur 0.72%

    Zinc 9600mg

    Calcium 35%

    Phosphorus 17.5%

    Tri sodium Citrate 60mg

    Bio Active Chromium 50mg

    Manganese 1600mg



  fight the deficiencies with blend of technology and excellent performance with Chelated minerals, Vitamins & Micro-nutrients


Dosage & Administration

Mix 50gm. Micro-Nutrients packet with 1kg. of chelated NUTRIFEED-DS.

Dosage : 25 to 30gm. per cow/buffalo per day to mixed in the feed for better health maintenance & to avoid the infertility problems.