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Noral Susp

Excellent Teste Unmatched Efficacy.

Your Concern...

  • Worm Infestation
  • Leads to loss of body weight,
  • Poor growth
  • Suppressed Immunity &
  • Reduced Productivity



 Each ml. Contains :

   Micronized Albendazole I.P.                 2.5% w/v

    Excellent Taste Unmatched Efficacy



  Relieves the animal from worm load

  Ensures effective utilization of cattle feed

  Helps t revive the appetite & health

  Enhances immune status of cattle

  Improves health & productivity


Dosage & Administration

Albendazola 5mg. per kg body weight

Cattle : 60 - 90 ml.

Calf : 15-30ml.

Sheep & Goat : 2-3ml. per 10kg. of body wt.

Poultry : 30-45 ml. for 100 birds

Dogs & Cats : 5-10 ml. daily for 3 days.