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Potent Maggoticidal, Antibacterial & Herbal Wound Healing Dressing Powder.

Hilmax Powder

Nutritional supplement formulated to supply high concentrated energy rapidly.


  • LSD wounds
  • FMD wounds
  • Worm wounds
  • Burned
  • Ring worm
  • Daganala
  • Surgical wound



    Each Gm Contains:

    Turmeric/Curcuma Longa-400 mg

    Karanj Pongamia Pinnata -50 mg.

    Devadaru/Cedrus India Deodara-50 mg

    Eucalyptus Citriodara -50 mg

    Neam Chaal/Azadirachta Indica-200 mg

    Cinnamomum Camphora -50 mg.

    Sphatika Bhasma-50 mg

    Chandrabhasma-100 mg


Recommended for :

Maggot wound

LSD Wound

Proud flesh

Larvae Wound

FMD Wound

Open Cuts

Surgical wound

Burn Wound

Parasitic wounds.


Dosage & Administration

Clean the wound throughly and dust with hilmax powder ensuring that the surrounding area is also well covered.