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Purgative, Rumenotoric and laxative.

Lax O Lax Power


  • Ruminal Disorders requiring laxative action.
  • To over come colic constipation
  • To reduce abdominal acidosis, tympany & colic.
  • As an appetizer & carminative
  • As an alimentory detoxicent.



    Unique blend of sodium thiosulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Sodium Sulphate, Gentlion, Ginger, Linseed, fenugreek, Iron Oxide, Magnedsium Carbonate, calcium Phosphate(Tribasic)ethylenediamine & Flax seed.



  Helps in better bowel evacuation.

  Binds selectively and expels out throuth dung.

  Suitable for bloat, colic constipation and restlessness postures

  Brings back intesrinal motility to normal levels

  Stabilizes the rumen at its optimum pH over longer period

  Restore appetite & enances rumen effifiency

  Enhances fiber digestion and increase dry matter intake

  Help animal to regain normal intestinal morility


Dosage & Administration

cattle & Buffalo : 250-500 gm/day to be mixed in 1-2 Ltr. of water.

Calf & Goat : 50-100 gm/day

As Laxative & Alimentory Detoxicant : 250 gm for adult animals.

As Purgative action : 500gm for Adult animals.