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Clinical signs of babesiosis :

  Babesiiosis (Redwater, Tick Fever)

  Pyrexia of unknown etiology

  High Fever up to 106 (Degree) Fahrenheit

  Increased Respiratory & Hearts Rates.

  Mucous Membranes are congested but soon become Pale then icteric in terminal stages.

  Bloody urine & sometimes Produces stable froths.


It can be protozoal infections

Solution is..... Brifto Inj Brifto with benefits of vitamin B12


  • High Fever
  • resistance to drugs
  • trypanosomiasis
  • Relapse
  • Babesiosis
  • Pyrexia of unknown etiology.

Remedy for Babesiosis & Anaemia Prevention.

  Brifto remedy for Protozoal Fever & Anaemia Preventation.



  Each ml. contains :

   Diminazene Diaceturate - 70 mg.

   Phenazone B.P. - 375 mg.

   Vitamin B12 I.P. - 100 mcg.

   Chlorocresol I.P. 0.1% w/v.



  Ready to use injection for high fever caused by blodd protozoa...

  Phenazone in Brifto Brings down fever quickly.

  Single dose therapy, no need to repeat.

  Well tolerated, so sage in all animals.


Dosage & Administration

3.5-7 mg. Diminazene per Kg. body weight or 1ml. of Brifto injection per 10-20 kg body weight by deep intramuscular route. For the treatment and control of Babesiosis, Trypanosomiosis, Theileriosis, Anaplasmosis in animals, or as directed by the Registered Veterinarian.