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  • Temperature more during noon & evening and near normal during morning-night hours.
  • Loss of appetite & milk production due to high fever
  • Panting
  • Heat stress
  • Increased body temperature-above 105℉
  • Production of only small amount of urine
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Irregular heart beats



   Each 5 ml. Contains

   Iodine IP 750mg

   (Containing 750 mg. of elemental iodine)

   Vitamin E IP 50mg.,

   Vitamin A IP 100000 I.U.



Dosage & Administration

In case of hyperthermia : 5 ml. S/C for 3-4 days

Large Animal : 5 ml. for 3-4 days IM

Small Animals: 2.5ml. for 3-4 days IM