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Sifto The Real match for killer Theileriosis

Sifto (Buparvaquone), A second generation hydroxy naphthoquinone, which Acts by the inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport system of the Protozoa.


For treatment of tick-transmitted theileriosis caused by the intracellular Protozoan Parasites, Theileria Parva (East coast fever, corridor disease. Zimbabwean theileriosis) and T. annulate (Tropical theileriosis) in cattle. It is Active against both the schizont and Piroplasm stages of Theileria Spp. and may be used during the incubation period of the disease or when clinical signs are apparent.

Not more than 10ml. should be injected into single site. When more than 10ml. dose is require split dose and injection into different site in neck.


"The outstanding efficacy of SIFTO in curing Theileriosis has been demonstrated with single Injection in extensive field conditions used across the country


 Each ml. Contains:

   Buparvaquone 50mg.



  Single dose treatment against theileriosis

  Kills all stages of Theileria

  Quickly restores health and milk production.

  Ideal prophylaxis for animals under threat of theileriosis

  Effective during incubation period


Dosage & Administration

2.5mg. per kg. body weight or 1ml. Sifto per 20 kg. body weight. In severe cases, dose may be repeated within 48 to 72 hours of initial injection.