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Serum calcium level plays most vital role in pre & post partum period as well as to maintain normal health.

Gelmix-Cal gel

Nutritional supplement formulated to supply high concentrated energy rapidly.


  • As an aid to favour the normal contraction of uterus for normal calving
  • & timely expulsion of placenta.
  • As an aid to increase the milk yield.
  • As an aid to prevent milk fever & associated complication.
  • Gelmix-Cal is a comprehensive nutritional supplement formulated
  • to supply the essential nutrient to dairy animals.



    Each 100gm Contains:

    Ionic Calcium 7200mg.

    Phosphorus 3600mg.

    Vitamin D3 4000 IU

    Vitamin B12 400 mcg.

    Biotin 20 mcg.

    L-Agrinine 160 mg.

    Cobalt 100 mg.

    Mangense 20 mg.

    Zine 250 mg.

    Glactagogua 5%

    Energy 1000 Kcal



  Increases calcium mobilization from bone

  Increases calcium absorption from intestine

  Activates the vitamin d3 & calcium metabolism

  Enhances serum calcium level within 15min of oral administration.

  Maintains serum calcium level; longer than I/V calcium therapy.

  Provides 5 times more calcium than I/V calcium injection


Dosage & Administration

For higher milk yield : Administer one bottle per day for 5-10 days

To prevent milk fever : Administer one bottle 6-12 hours prior to calving and give another bottle within 6-12 hours after calving.