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The Pregenency Care NSAIDS

Codaf Inj

Power Of DMSO With Meloxicam, Paracetamol & Lignocaine Hydrochloride.

  Does not cause Gastric Ulceration & does not interfere in clotting process.

  Long Half Life-13 hrs in Cattle

  Attains higher concentration at lower pH in inflamed tissue.

  Effectively controls the effect of endotoxin produced in mastitis

  Can be given to young calves over one month of age.



  • Pyrexia, Pain & Inflammation
  • In Mastitis and Pneumonia along with Antibiotics
  • Post Surgical Inflammations
  • Musculo-skeletal inflammation
  • Respiratory inflammation
  • Gynaecological inflammation
  • Prolapse of Uterus
  • Premature labour




 Each ml. contains:

   Meloxicam                                       5mg.

   Paracetamol                                150mg.

   Lignocaine Hydrochloride         1%w/v

   DMSO : It Improves blood supply to an area of injury by dilating blood vessels and increasing delivery of oxygen and by reducing blood platelet stickiness.


Dosage & Administration

1ml. per 25kg. Body Weight by IM. Route.