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Last Answer to Bacterial, Viral & Fungal Infections

C- FMD Powder


  • FMD
  • LSD
  • Dagnala
  • Non Specific Anorexia



Vankeri A.B. (Cicellpinea Degniea) 16.666%,

Dikamali A.B. (Gardenia Gummifera) 6.666%

Kapur A.B. (Camphora Officinarium) 3.333%,

Payaswini A.B. (Ipomoea Digotata) 3.333%

Haridra (Curtuma Longa) 3.000%,

Neem patra A.B.(Azadirachta Indica) 33.333%

Alum 3.000%, Godanti Bhasma RSSPS 30.339%



Dosage & Administration

15-30 gm Daily for 3-5 Days

Direction for Use :

To be given along with gur or jaggery.