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Livzyme Forte Syrup


  • Anorexia
  • Liver disorders
  • Indigestion
  • Stress Condition
  • Anaemia & treatment of Blood Protozoa



    Each 30 ml Contains :

    Liver Extract 125mg.

    Yeast Extract 40mg.

    Inositol 20mg.

    Folic Acid 10mg.

    Vitamin E 5gm.

    Vitamin B12 6.25mcg

    ferrous Chloride 80mg.

    Choline Chloride 15mg.

    Nicotinic Acid 20mg.

    Fungal Diastase(1:1000) 30mg.

    Pepsin(1:3000) 10mg.



  Rejuvenate liver with Multivitamin and Liver Extracts with Chloride & Enzyme with added advantages of B-Complex


Dosage & Administration

Cow & Buffalo : 50 ml. daily for 3 days

Calf/Goat : 20-30 ml. daily for 3 days

Dog : 5ml Daily for 3 weeks.

Poultry : 5-10ml. Daily form 2nd to 6th week.