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Gas Off Susp

Acts fast hence saves life of animal.

          Gas Off The instant magical Bloat Remedy.


  • Bloat
  • Tympany
  • Indigestion



   Simethicone                                                   1.0% W/V

   Dill Oil                                                               0.5% V/V

   Magnesium Hydroxide                                   100mg.

   Magnesium Trisilicate                                     100mg.

   Dried Aluminium Hydeoxide gel                   200mg.



  Simethicone in Gas off acts as a surfactnat & combines all frothy small bubbles to form a big bubble which facilitates de-frothing.

 Dill oil in Gas off accelerates gas expulsion process thus provides quick relief.

  Magnesium Trisilicate

  Magnesium Hydroxide

  Dried Aluminium Hydroxide gel

Manage Gastric equilibrium Rapidly reacts with acid


Dosage & Administration

Cattle & Buffalo : 100ml. - 200ml. Daily.

Sheep & Goat : 25ml. - 50ml. Administer orally
or as ddench or intra- ruminally by using cannula or needle.