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4th Generation Cephalosporin

Nomtum Inj


  • Mammary gland Infection : Mastitis.
  • Respiratory diseases : H.S., pneumonia.
  • Reproductive Tract Infection : Metritis, endometritis, pyometra.
  • Gastro intestinal infections: Enteritis, HBS (Hemorrhagic bowel syndrime).
  • Digital Dermatitis / F.F.D./foot rot.
  • Calf Scours and bacterial diarrhoea, bacterial septicemia.
  • Other Severe bacterial infections.



Each vial (Part A) contains:
Cefquinome (As Sulphate)
Equivalent to
Cefquinome - 500mg.
Tazobactum Sterile
Equivalent to
Tazobactum USP - 62.5 mg.

Each ml (Part B) contains:
N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone. - 300mg
Bensyl Alcohol. - 10 mg.
Aqueous Base. - q.s.


Unmatched efficacy

  New molecule in india

  Resistant to extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL).

  Kills bacteria at lower MIC.

  Long acting drug delivery system.

  Broad spectrum activity


Dosage & Administration

Cattle, Buffalo & Horse - : 1mg./kg. B.wt. by IM/SC.
Sheep, Goat & Pig - 2mg./kg. B. wt by IM/SC.