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Hydrol- Inj

Diethylstilbestrol Inj.


Treatment of reproductive diseases caused by hormonal disorder :-

  • Unobserved or non-detected estrus.
  • Heat Inducer
  • Silent Heat
  • To Induce estrus
  • Treatment of endometritis & pyometra
  • R.O.P.
  • Induction of Parturition
  • Induction of abortion
  • Expulsion of fetus or mammified fetus
  • Veginitis, vulvitis
  • To increase FCR (In low Dose)



Diethylstilbestrol IP 10mg.

Benzyl Alcohol IP 2% w/v

(As preservative) oily base q.s.



Dosage & Administration


0.1mg. - 0.3mg. per kg. body weight

Hydrol :

0.1ml. - 0.3ml. for 10 kg.

body weight by deep intramuscular route.